El Rey Del Mundo Tainos Regional Edicions (Formosa) 2019 n-10



NAME: El Rey Del Mundo Tainos Regional Edicions (Formosa) 2019 n-10

PRESENTATION: The island of Taiwan has just received its first regional edition: Taínos! This is the first time an Edición Regional bears an “Exclusivo Formosa” band!

That cigar is the El Rey del Mundo Tainos, a 7 x 47 Churchill that was released for Formosa, a former republic located in modern-day Taiwan that lasts under five months. The name Formosa was first used in 1542 by Portuguese sailors who, after discovering an uncharted island, labeled it on their maps as Ilha Formosa, which translates to the beautiful island. Formosa existed from May 23-Oct. 21, 1895 following the first Sino-Japanese War, in which the island declared its independence from the Chinese Qing dynasty but was then taken over by the Japanese.

As for the cigar, it’s limited to 8,888 numbered boxes of 10 cigars, which were released exclusively in Taiwan in mid-2019. The name, Tainos, likely references the group of natives who occupied what is now the countries of Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean islands and are popularly credited as the ones who introduced Christopher Columbus—and thus the entire Western world—to tobacco.


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