Randy’s Acid Trip Cigar Combo


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Everyone needs a friend like Randy in their life. Randy, who’s a long time customer of ours, told us he was going on a trip with his friends, and needed some of the good stuff, “some for the road” if you will. All obvious jokes aside, we actually communicated back and forth to see which combo would make for the perfect sampler for his trip, and would really hit the spot for him and the guys. Lo and behold, the word spread and we came up with this perfect sampler, ranging from Acid’s Blondie to the Kuba Kuba! Randy’s Acid Trip named after our friend Randy, will keep you going for hours…even days!nWith Randy’s Trip you get:5x Acid Blondie Natural (4 x 38)5x Acid Kuba Kuba Natural (5 x 54)5x Acid Deep Dish Natural (5 x 58)5x Acid Toast Maduro (6 x 50)


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