We are an authorized online Habanos SA shipper for Geneva, Switzerland. Our specialty lies in Authentic cigars, including Aged, Vintage, Rare, Collectible LCDH, Regional, and Limited Edition releases from any tobacco-producing country! We are also interested in selling your collectible cigar Ashtrays, Jars, and Humidors, and anything relating to cigars. Do you have a private collection that you want us to negotiate a sale as a broker?

Please email us and send the details of the item(s), close up pictures, and buying history and your asking price. Once verified authentic we will list your product(s) your price etc. and negotiate the sale to a potential buyer and communicate privately through you.

Your personal details and information will remain anonymous throughout the entire transaction until sold and the time to be delivered.

Basically how it works? We verify your item(s) first and then advertise on our website. We will list the price you want. For our commission quote please contact us by email. The seller must pack and ship the item to the new buyer at their cost or whoever decides to pay to ship. The item must be sent by registered mail or by courier and the seller will not be paid until the buyer has received it. The buyer is responsible for any taxes or duties to their local Government entity.

The payment from the new buyer will remain with MCC during the delivery process and paid to the seller once the buyer has accepted. We are open to any new negotiations, so please contact us.