Montecristo Open Slam Cigars 2023 n-20


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NAME: Montecristo Open Slam Cigars 2023 n-20

DESCRIPTION: Montecristo, the largest handmade cigar brand in the world, also holds the title of the UK’s top-selling individual size with the Montecristo No. 4 cigar. It’s widely regarded as the benchmark of quality by which all other handmade cigars are judged.

The Montecristo Open Slam measures 5 3/5 (142mm) x 52 a vitola known as Idílicos, which appears to be a new vitola for the Cuban cigar world. It will join the Montecristo Open sub-brand, which launched in 2009 with four vitolas. While pricing has not been announced, Habanos S.A. has said it will be offered in boxes of 15 and 20 cigars.

In 2009, the brand introduced the ‘Open’ series as an expansion of its existing range, featuring a lighter flavour profile than the classic blend. The Open Slam is the latest addition to the series, which includes the Eagle, Master, Regata, and Junior sizes.

The green banding and packaging used on the Open line is indicative of its  connections to golf. The other Open sizes are: Eagle (54 x 150 mm), Regata (46 x 135 mm length), Master (50 x 124 mm), and Junior (38 x 110 mm).