Partagas Linea Maestro Meastra n-20


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  • Name: Partagas Linea Maestro Meastra n-20
  • Factory name: Deleites
  • Dimensions: 5 1/4 X 56 ring gauge
  • Presentation: SPB of 20 cigars
  • Description: The Partagás Línea Maestra comes in three sizes, all of them topped with a 109-style, belicoso head: Origen, measuring 6 1/8 inches by 46 ring gauge; Rito, at 6 5/8 by 52 and Maestro, a 5 1/4-by-56 fat belicoso. The bands, which are blue rather than red, have been reworked to include more gold elements and feature the names of each size.

    “The Línea Maestra will pay tribute to the unique origen (origin), the learning and tradition that turn a Habano into a rito (ritual), and the maestro (master) who makes it possible to create a masterpiece for Habanos enthusiasts,” said Habanos S.A.