Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 500 .50L Cuban Rum


Santiago de Cuba

At the end of the 19th century, the great Cuban rum distilleries and thus the great Cuban rum were born. One of the largest distilleries is located in Santiago de Cuba, the capital of Cuban culture. The cradle of great rum creations is located there, it is distilled and bottled.

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To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Santiago de Cuba, the cradle of Cuban light rums, what could be better than a vintage of outdated rum? The limited edition Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 500 aged rum is a tribute to the land with honey-soaked aromas, according to the rum masters. This superb decanter contains an exceptional rum, made from the blend of several barrels, some of which are more than 50 years old, offering an organoleptic journey with flavours of fruit and spices, nuanced by subtle notes of tobacco.

In its aroma it explains why the singers called it “land of aromas and saturated with honey.”

In the mouth, it is a magical journey through the varied and creamy flavors of the fruits and spices that grow on this land. The infinite permanence of its aroma and flavor, are an image of the permanent joy of its inhabitants, who, according to many, speak in song.

At the bottom of the gorge it will be inevitable to remember the strength of the oriental in the defense of its history and its culture. The Ron Santiago de Cuba 500 is one hundred percent, a privileged encounter with the character of the Santiago de Cuba.

  • Presented in Box
  • 50 years of aging
  • Distilled from molasses (traditional method)

Product : Santiago de Cuba Rum 500

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