Cuban Coffee Cohiba Atmosphere Roasted & Ground (250g) Can


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Cuban Coffee Cohiba Atmosphere Roasted & Ground (250g) Can

DESCRIPTION: Cohiba, the most famous post-revolution cigar brand in Cuba, now delights us with Cohiba Atmosphere coffee, 100% Arabica Cuban coffee beans from the Sierra del Escambray. It is considered one of the best coffees in the world which some people compare with Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica.

It grows exclusively in the Sierra del Escambray, the mountains range in the south-central region of Cuba, sharing the borders of Cienfuegos, Sancti Spiritus, and Villa Clara provinces  The area is a protected Biosphere Reserve. El Nicho, the plantation, is in the Cienfuegos province, close to lake Hanabanilla and 30 km from Topes de Collantes which is a marvel of nature, famous for its dozens of waterfalls and natural ponds.

The coffee beans are grown in the shade of the tropical trees, dried under the Cuban sun and dark roasted by Empresa Cubacafe. It is packaged for maximum freshness in a sealed tin.

• Origin: Cuba
• Size: 250g
• Format: Roasted & Ground Coffee Beans
 Bean: 100% Arabica beans


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