Cuban Coffee El Arriero Cafe Molido Ground (250g)


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Cuban Coffee El Arriero Cafe Molido (500g)

Blended by Cuban coffee masters, El Arriero consists of 100% Arabica Cuban coffee beans. Roasted and ground, the coffee is ethically sourced from farms dedicated to growing organic varieties.

Medium-strong and with a pleasant flavor and aroma, you can make an intense espresso with no bitter aftertaste. As one of the finest and most sought-after coffee, it has the double strength of regular American coffee.

El Arriero is a carefully blended coffee of 100% Arabica Cuban beans.

The coffee masters of Cuba have blended various types of Arabica beans naturally grown in Cuba in order to achieve the perfect balance that makes this coffee special.

• Origin: Cuba
• Roast: Dark
• Size: 500g or 250g or 1000g
• Format: Roasted & Ground Coffee Beans
 100% Arabica Coffee beans
 Ethically sourced from farms dedicated to natural methods of cultivation