Cuban Coffee Cubita Molido Ground (460g)



Cuban Coffee Cubita Molido Ground (460g)

DESCRIPTION: From the lush green mountain slopes of Cuba comes this extraordinary coffee experience. The coffee is over a very short time period roasted, grounded, and packed in a vacuum, to preserve the good flavors. Molido Natural is a very dark roasted coffee, which is grounded medium fine. The coffee is best suited for brewing with a Moka pot.

TASTE: Cubita Cuban Coffee is created entirely from the finest Arabica beans, cultivated and handpicked in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, shade-grown, naturally sun-dried. An exquisite coffee that has strong earthy tones, with a hint of smokiness and a caramel finish, it is the most popular brand of coffee in Cuba.

• Origin: Cuba
• Roast: Dark
•Weight: 230g, 460g
• Format: Roasted & Ground Coffee Beans
 100% Arabica Coffee beans
 Ethically sourced from farms dedicated to natural methods of cultivation


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