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Habanos S.A. is proud to present the Montecristo Reserve: A perfect gift for the most demanding smokers.

Montecristo is the best known and the one of the most appreciated brand of Habanos throughout the world. The name comes from the hero of

Alexandre Dumas famous novel ˜The Count of Montecristo, which was a firm favourite amongst the cigar rollers at the factory where it was

founded in 1935. Montecristo’s perfectly balanced blend is created exclusively with selected leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region, home of

the finest tobaccos in the world.

Montecristo lovers will be pleased with this Habano. Its distinctive medium to full flavour and distinguished aroma appeals equally to both

new and experienced smokers. It will become an excellent choice for those who want to feel the real character of Montecristo in a representative

size for all smokers.

The Reserva de Montecristo, pays tribute to Montecristo No. 4, the flagship factory size of the brand, and to its smokers, and was officially

presented during the closing ceremony of the Festival. Manufactured with tobacco leaves specially selected and carefully aged during three years

continues keeping the outstanding feature of being particularly distinctive among others.

These cigars are packaged in luxury black-lacquered cases, of 20 double-banded cigars: the brandâ’s and the reserveâ’s specific ring band. In addition,

this Reserve conception brings together the uniqueness and patience in growing and ageing the perfect leaf thus giving life to an exceptional and refined

product plenty of character.

This is a special release of only 5000 numbered boxes that stores up a product with nature for the most demanding smokers and is available for sale


**Worldwide delivery in 4-14 days via Registered or Regular mail in Original sealed boxs!**


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