PARTAGAS CAPITOLS Linea Retro Tin – n-5



NAME: PARTAGAS 50 CAPITOLS Linea Retro Tin n-5


The Partagas Capitols, which just recently appeared on the market, belong to the new Línea Retro (together with the Romeo z Julieta Club Kings, which was presented by Habanos SA back in 2017. While the Línea Retro takes inspiration from the name and packaging of a Partagas Capitols that was sold until the mid-1980s, there are some differences between the original and the new one. The first major difference is the size, with the original being a Petit Cetros in size (40×129), while the new release comes in a Mareva size. The other difference is that the old Capitols appeared to be machine-made.

There is a nostalgic feel to opening up the 5-count tins. Pulling out one cigar, it reveals a Colorado shade wrapper. There is on prominent vein running across the cigar. Aside from that, the wrapper is quite smooth to the touch. The filling is uniform, and the construction doesn’t present any flaws.

It is great to see classic sizes, like the Mareva, returning, especially if they are good which is the case for this Partagas Capitols. The flavor profile is true to the brand and while the cigar is still fresh, it is surprisingly balanced and the youth (bitterness) only really comes through towards the end. A little rest should take care of that. One of the better regular production additions of Habanos in recent memory.

Length: 5
Diameter: 16.54mm
Ring Gauge: 42
Shape: Petit corona/Mareva


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