Ramon Allones Beritus Libano (Regional Edicion) 2009 n-25


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Beritus is the Phoenician name of the Capital of Lebanon.

This ancient city was built in the 15th century before Christ, since then it was a landmark in its regions. It was the Capital of the Phoenicia trade empire and the ships of the old Phoenicians called on every port of antiquity.

It was also well known as the mother of law because of its famous law school built during the roman era. Nowadays, Beirut still retains its importance being a link between the eastand the west.

Habanos sa chose to tribute this great city by giving its name to its 2009 regional edition produced for the Lebanese market making it the first vitola named after a city


Beritus cepo 52 X 135 mm largo

Ramon Allones Beritus has been specially chosen by Habanos sa in 2009 to offer exclusively to the Middle East. These habanos are manufactured with selected leaves of the world’s best tobacco comprising a special production of 3000 numbered boxes containing 25 Habano



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