Bolivar Libertador Regional Edicion (Francia) 2006 n-25


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NAME: Bolivar Libertador Regional Edicion Francia 2006 n-25

PRESENTATION: This beautiful cigar has been released three times. First in 2006 as an Edicion regional for France. A year later, another batch was released, also for the French market. And the last was released for Casa Del Habano series (LCDH).

You have now the unique opportunity to sample the first release of the original blend for Bolivar Libertador, which became so popular that it has been released another 2 times.

Very rare and unique box, highly valued among aficionados and collectors alike.

Popular Vitola: Sublime
Factory Vitola: Sublimes
Ring Gauge: 54
Cigar Length: 164 mm / 6.4 inches
Body: Medium-Full


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