Cohiba 55 Aniversario Edicion Limitada 2021 n-10



NAME: Cohiba 55 Aniversario Edicion Limitada 2021 n-10

PRESENTATION: The Cohiba 55 Aniversario 2021 Edicion Limitada, which would be special enough in its own right, but the Cohiba 55 Aniversario is an especially monumental vitola. As I’m sure the multilingual (and even monolingual) among you will have gathered, the 55 Aniversario celebrates the landmark 55th anniversary of the foundation of Cohiba! Hitting such a landmark milestone calls for an extra special celebration, a call which the 55 Aniversario answers in tremendous fashion. Boasting a hefty 57 ring gauge and measuring just shy of 6” in length (57x150mm), this veritable leviathan of a stick has naturally received the full Edicion Limitada treatment, constructed from only the finest tobaccos possible and aged for a minimum of two years. Presented in Boîte Nature boxes of 10, these vitolas size is known as Victoria are sure to be highly sought after by Cohiba fans and collectors alike!


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