Ramon Allones Eshmoun Regional Edicion 2012 (Lebanon) n-25 (No Ship USA)



The Ramon Allones “ Eshmoun”is the fourth Lebanese Regional Edition and again given a name from the rich Phoenicia heritage. The size is 6 1/2 X 54

“Eshmoun” was a Phoenicia god of the anceient city Saida & was known for its fertility & healing abilities.“Eshmoun’s” power and reputation reached neighbouring cities and countries, such as Beirut, Sardinia, and Cyprus.

As such, the company wanted a “well built cigar” to bear the name of this god, using tobacco that had been aged for four years, as it comes from the same supply as that used to make the original Phoenicio.

This Spiritual and mystic name needs a well built cigar this is why “Eshmoun” was constructed embracing the same size & using the four years now fermented tobacco used to roll the Ramon Allones “Phoenicio30”. Only 6,000 boxes were produced.






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